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The greatest act of Charity ever known in the world is the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who freely and willingly offered Himself for us on the Cross. Christ’s redeeming love is the true measure of charity. Charity is a heart that sees Christ in our neighbor. With the gift of the Holy Spirit we too, like Christ, can make a sincere gift of ourselves to others.

Council 4902 is dedicated to our mission of Charity. We continue to strive to help those in need within our faith community, civic community, youth, Priests, Deacon’s and Seminarians. We do this through prayer and by financial support through the funds we raise through programs such as the Pierce County Fair, $150 Raffle, Tootsie Roll Campaign, Lifesavers for Life and Food Drive during the year. In 2022 our Council was able to provide $45,616 in charitable donations to various organizations through the fundraising efforts. Groups which received donations are listed below:

Youth Bowling
Military Veteran’s
Free Throw Contest
Keep Christ in Christmas
River Falls Food Pantry
Needy Brother Knights
High School Scholarships
Saint Bridget’s Catholic School
River Falls Options for Women
Priests and Deacon’s
Saint Bridget Youth Group
Have a Heart
Our Neighbor’s Place
Women’s Ministry (formerly CCW)
Special Olympics Run with the Cops
WI Special Olympics