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Annually, Council 4902 sponsors a Free Throw contest for youth ages 9 – 14 in both boys and girls categories. This is done to provide an athletic outlet and encourage the values of sportsmanship and healthy competition.

2024 Free Throw contest. We held our annual Free Throw contest at St. Bridget’s School gymnasium on 1/12/2024. The weather may have been somewhat of a challenge, but we had a good turnout for all ages 9 – 14, both girls and boys. Thanks to the parents for bringing our contestants out to participate in the event. Winners from each age group will move on to participate at the District level on February 4th in Hammond, WI. Thanks for Kyle Brunner and Scott Conway for coordinating the event. Thanks to Brothers Tim Wilson, Joe Baldeshwieler and Paul Boespflug for assisting with the event. Thanks to Anjanette Conway for her assistance with the awards certificates.

2024 Winners.
Congratulations to all!

In 2023 the Council led by Brothers Kyle Bruner and Scott Conway, with assistance from other Brother knights held our annual Free Throw Contest. Below are some photos of the competitors and the action, along with winners in the different categories.