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While we do a lot of work together with activities related to our mission we also try to have fun throughout the year. We have sponsored family related activities as an evening together to share in fellowship. Past activities include our monthly KC Lunch, annual Christmas party, held at St. Bridget’s, our Rush River Brewery outing with beverages and food to share while enjoying each others company, and the River Falls Fish baseball outing where we have shared each others company while watching some good baseball, and worked the Leinie Lodge raising funds through generous tips from patrons.

KC Luncheon

Christmas Party

Rush River Fall Family Social

October 15, 2023 Social at Rush River was a very successful outing. We had a great turnout of KC’s spouses and family members. A time to fraternize with members and spouses, enjoy some good pizza from Luigi’s Pizza. Thanks to Scott and Anjeanette Conway for the wonderful job of hosting the event and for the wonderful prayer offered by Anjeanette prior to eating our pizza. Thanks also to all who came out to share in the event together.

2022 fall social at Rush River

River Falls Fish Baseball

Spring Outing

KC Picnic