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A Higher Purpose

Together, we are empowering Catholic men to live their faith at home, in the parish, at work and in their community.

We do this by building on the cornerstone principles of the Knights of Columbus organization: Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism.

Charity is at the heart of our work and our Faith – and it always has been. For the Knights of Columbus, charity means supporting a virtually boundless variety of projects locally, nationally and on the world stage.

Unity binds us together and makes us stronger men as well as a stronger Catholic organization. Our unity expresses our belief in one Lord, one Faith, one Baptism and one God and Father of us all. This principle of Unity is first experienced at home through the faithful and fruitfulness of married love which is the foundation of the family. Brother Knights and their families encourage one another to establish loving homes that cultivate virtue and holiness.

Fraternity – Brother Knights are called to a fraternal Charity with his brothers. A Knight is a man for others. He guards and protects those under his care and he stands united with his brothers and with them, puts his faith into action.

Patriotism – Members of the Knights of Columbus, no matter what country they hail from are patriotic citizens. We are proud of our devotion to God and country, and believe in standing up for both. Whether in public or private, the Knights remind the world that Catholics support their nations and are amongst the greatest citizens.