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As part of our Faith community at St. Bridget’s, the Knights have over the past several years volunteered to help with the donut ministry after the masses on the weekend. This ministry is not just about the work, but it is about the fellowship and unity of coming together to support the gathering ministry of our Faith Community. Our parish members are able to enjoy after the masses coffee and great donuts while sharing in fellowship with other members of the community. The Donut ministry also reaches out to our ecumenical neighbors by supplying donuts to Ezekiel Lutheran Church for their fellowship ministry. We have many members of the community that stop and pick up donuts to go, so they can share with their family members at home. A great ministry and part of our Faith in Action program.

The 2023 donut ministry is back. We will be making and serving donuts to members of St. Bridget Parish on Sunday October 29 and December 31. Please join us for a great social ministry to the parish.

October 29, 2023 was our first weekend for the new year. A great time was had making, frosting and distributing donuts to parish members. It’s a great time for socializing and fellowship with brother knights as well as parish members.

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