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Each year our Council, in participation with the St. Bridget School and Faith Formation program promotes the Keep Christ in Christmas program, through a Christmas Poster Contest. This fun activity is a way to put our faith into action and get the youth in our Community involved in their faith. Students, age 5 to 14 as of November 1 are encouraged to create a poster which reflect the Keep Christ in Christmas theme with a visual image.

Winners from the three age groups (5 – 7), (8 – 10), and (11 – 14) are selected by a group of judges and their winning entry is then eligible to be entered into the district, regional or jurisdictional competition.

2023 Keep Christ in Christmas poster contest winners from St. Bridget’s School. The School art teacher Rachel Albee and Brother Tom Zenk pictured with the winners from each of the age groups. Congratulations to all the contestants and great job on your designs.

Congratulations to Nehemiah (Miah) Conway who was selected 1st Place in the Superior Diocese Keep Christ in Christmas contest for grades 5 & 6. Miah is a student at St. Bridget’s School.

2022 Poster Contest awards ceremony. Brother Tom Zenk presenting the prizes to the poster contest winners at St. Bridget’s School